STEAM DIY Robotic Animal

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We are the sales No.1 in toy industry sales and specializing in science and technology, science and technology, education, teaching and development. This DIY kits is a new, very intelligent DIY kits designed by our college, and it is also the enlightenment of children and engineers learning and education, we will release more new products of science and technology, education and health from time to time, which can be used as children's toy gifts, adult learning demonstration boards. I'm sure you'll love our DIY kits.

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STEAM DIY Robotic Insects Science Invention Electronic Animal for School Competition Non-soldered DIY Kit Stem Toys Robot Animal

Note again:It is a DIY assembly kit, a non-welded DIY kit. Of course, if you know how to weld, you can weld.

If you want to buy more styles of functional insects, such as night light, belly light, voice-activated band light, voice-activated rhythm with light, substrate, substrate voice-activated rhythm, other colors and other colors of insects, please click the following two links:


Warm reminder

1. Only with engine can be active, others are static models.

2, the body for recycling the old circuit board, each may be different.

3. You need to prepare some common household tools, glue and so on by yourself. Due to the international customs policy requirements for special goods, such as glue,Few countries can mail AB glue, You can use your own glue. if you receive AB glue, The AB glue used in the production process has a slight smell due to the particularity of its material. Those who are sensitive to the smell can wear a complimentary mask and pay attention to indoor ventilation.


Turning waste electronic components into works of art


Protecting the environment starts with me

Discarded mobile phones, electrical appliances The recovery was processed for a second time Into a beautiful work of art

Tip: Insect parts come from recycled old circuit boards, and each insect may be slightly different.

Package list:

Package option

Differences and characteristics

Electronic insect Material Pack

1. Static model

2. With Belly light:

Insect material pack + lower abdomen lamp finished product static lamp + colorful slow flash button battery

Electronic Insect Material Pack + Base

3. Static model + base:Insect material pack no light no power supply + base

4. With voice and light:

Insect material pack + voice-activated delay lower abdomen lamp finished with voice-activated delay lamp + flash button battery

5. With voice and rhythm and light:

Insect material package + voice activated sound effect abdominal lamp finished products have voice activated and chirping voice activated delay light + rhythm flash + insect chirping button battery

6.With engine

Electronic Insect Material Pack + Engine
Dynamic (button battery powered)

Warm tips:

1. Insects can't "fly ", but (insect material pack + engine) can move on the ground after the completion of this option, except for this option, the rest are static models, you can watch the dynamic effect after the completion of the video in the first picture!

2, the insect body to recycle the old circuit board for two environmental protection treatment, each piece may not be the same!

Please note: You need to prepare some common household tools, glue and so on by yourself.

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